Investment Recovery Solutions

Do you have excess inventories of communications equipment? If so, you're not alone. Virtually every company has some surplus of communications equipment. Whether you have a few phones in the storage closet or five pallets of deinstalled computers, your idle assets probably have some resale value. ReLogisTechs, LLC helps companies like your's recovery residual value for any idle, surplus or displaced communications equipment.

We offer an array of programs to procure or remarket your idle, surplus or displaced communications assets. Since we understand that no two companies are alike, we custom tailor investment recovery strategies to meet and exceed your objectives. The first step to implement an effective recovery strategy is selecting a partner that will work for you! ReLogisTechs, LLC focuses on the needs and expectations of our Investment Recovery Partners. Both parties work together to effectively manage the process.

For more information on our Investment Recovery Solutions contact us or call (866) 655-TECH (8324) for free Investment Recovery consultation!